Tracy Tom-Hoon is a dancer and choreographer that believes that everyday movement is just as important as trained technique. Tracy is involved in the local art community in Riverside, ca. She strives to seek out inspiration from other artists’ and their respective medium and in ordinary endeavors. Tracy can be found quietly observing, poking around and seeking the next everyday influence to generate new work. Tracy started dance at the age of five. At the same time she started ice skating. Dance for her ended at the age of twelve but her passion for ice skating continued. Tracy actively competed in ice skating at the age of fifteen to twenty-three. When Tracy enrolled at Riverside City College, she went back to dance. She found a great community there and she was given many opportunities and met extraordinary professors and peers. Through college, Tracy became more involved with dance and ventured away from ice skating. Tracy is concentrating on the question of: what makes dance dance? and other such questions. She is constantly learning from her own experiences as well as others around her.